Welcome to VIBR!

VIBR is good vibes, vibrant, vibrations, in vivo. VIBR plays original funky neo-soul music spiced up with a bit of hip-hop, jazz and r’n’b. Vibr is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

VIBR is …
Rikke Johsen – vocal
Marie Behn-Segall – sax & rap
Kim Hansen – keys
Kristian Tylén – guitar
Nanna Rosenløv – bass
Lars Møllenberg – drums 

Listen to VIBR:
Strike Me With Your Funk

Bad Company

Leave The Earth Tonight

Groove Like I Do

Watch full live concert at “Det Nye”, June 29th 2021

Contact VIBR:

booking: https://uncovermusic.dk/artist/vibr/

tel: +45 26 45 50 32